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Interesting story

We believe in stories. An interesting and engaging story is the foundation of a successful movie.

Maciej Ligowski, Creative Planet, CEO

EXPLORE presents a broad selection of science topics in a modern and accessible way, in a story that revolves around the ambition to colonise Mars– a topic at the forefront of current trends in space adventure films for the giant screen. The film does not just explain scientific facts, such as the geo- vs helio-centric model or retrograde motion of planets. By closely examining the example of Johannes Kepler and his three laws of planetary motions, “Explore” also shows how the achievements of individuals can change the world, and how much we all benefit from them. High quality visuals, custom composed music, and professional narration all serve a single purpose: to enhance the audience’s immersive experience.

The film begins with a look at how scholars and scientists throughout the ages used the sky as a calendar and clock to measure the passage of time. Their charts and star catalogs became the basis of astrology, and informed the modern science of astronomy. Kepler’s theories about planetary ellipses opened the universe to exploration in ways he never dreamed of, centuries after his death. Kepler’s Laws are fundamental in physics and astronomy and central to modern spaceflight. Transporting ships, people, and cargo beyond Earth depends on these laws of motion. The show demonstrates how those laws work using simple, easy-to-understand animations and clear explanations. Then, to show how they work in space exploration, EXPLORE takes us on an imaginary journey. Astronauts leave Earth, execute two Hohmann-transfer maneuvers, and dock with a space station. Then they are off to Mars. In several beautiful scenes, the show demonstrates how spacecraft follow Kepler’s laws in stately maneuvers as they make their way from Earth to orbit and then on to other worlds.

Internationally recognized

Stunning visuals

The movie is available in Fulldome 4K 3D and was recently remastered up to 8K 3D. Its stunning visuals have been created by the artists involved in such well-received Fulldome productions as “Dream to Fly,” “Hello Earth,” and “Magic Globe.”

Trailer is available also in fulldome version: https://vimeo.com/292277464

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Educational content

The show presents and explains a broad selection of science content, including:

  • Elements of history of astronomy.

  • The heliocentric vs. geocentric models.

  • The three laws of planetary motion.

  • Orbital maneuvers.


Maciej Ligowski
Maciej LigowskiProducer, Director
Zuzanna Ligowski
Zuzanna LigowskiWriter
Maciej Rasała
Maciej RasałaArt director
Maciej Ligowski
Maciej LigowskiProducer, Director
Maciej Rasała
Maciej RasałaArt director
Zuzanna Ligowski
Zuzanna LigowskiWriter

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MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K 2D, fulldome 8K 3D | AUDIO: 5.1, 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland  | TARGET GROUP: older kids, families, adults | LENGTH: 27 min 13 sec 9 frames| LANGUAGE VERSIONS: English, Polish, German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japan

LICENSING OPTIONS: 1 year license, 50 years license

PACKAGE: Get a discount when buying both Explore and Magic Globe – our newest production.

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