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We are an award-winning production studio that specializes in producing immersive fulldome shows and VR animation. As one of the first companies in central Europe focusing directly on 360 filmmaking, we grow rapidly and take part in a number of interesting projects.

As a team of creative specialists, we offer a wide range of services in the field of fulldome show production and VR animation.

Polish Pavilion during EXPO2020 in Dubai

Co-Produced by Creative Planet in 2021 for a customer

We are happy to be the co-producers of the Polish Pavilion with its unique interactive wall, the content of which we co-created. We developed the concepts, story, and assets and led the direction and art direction of the project. So if you happen to be in Dubai, it’s a must-see!

The interactive wall was produced in accordance with the concept created by Science Now, Stellar Fireworks, and Tellart in collaboration with Variable.io.

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We can help you with your production

We produce unique, award-winning 360° animations. Thanks to many years of experience, we deliver the best results in each 3d animation pipeline step. Our team is ready to help you at any stage of your production process.


  • Story design

  • Script writing

  • Project management

  • Concept arts


  • Complex character design

  • Rig and animation

  • Motion capture

  • Assets creation

  • Timelapse production


  • Rendering

  • Compositing

  • Editing

  • Sound design and Music composition

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Magic Globe – our new production

Produced by Creative Planet in 2020
8K 3D Stereo Seasons Sun Earth Meteorology Climate

Using motion capture to bring characters to life, this beautifully produced fulldome feature film has a child-centred story that will enchant family audiences.

Magic Globe’s engaging story has a clear educational structure, designed to interest and challenge children from 5 to 12 years. Children can recap their prior knowledge and/or learn new concepts while the story carries everyone forward together, making it perfect for mixed-ability audiences.

MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K | AUDIO: 5.1 or 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland | TARGET GROUP: kids, families | LANGUAGE VERSIONSEnglish, Polish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japan, Estonian, Czech | LANGUAGE VERSIONS AVAILABLE SOONGerman, Ukrainian, Swedish and Spanish.

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Explore – an award-winning planetarium movie

Produced by Creative Planet in 2017
8K3D-StereoAstronauticsSpace explorationHistory of astronomyPlanetsSolar system

Explore is the latest production by Maciej Ligowski – the Executive Producer of Dream To Fly – continuing the trend of bringing visual excellence under the dome to enhance the immersive experience of the public.

The story centers around the motive of human travel to Mars, but the show presents and explains a much broader selection of science-related topics, such as the history of astronomy, geocentric and heliocentric models, Kepler laws of planetary motion, and orbital maneuvers.

MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K 3D | AUDIO: 5.1, 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland  | TARGET GROUP: older kids, families, adults | LENGTH: 27 min 13 sec 9 frames | LANGUAGE VERSIONS: English, Polish, German, French,Dutch, Belgian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese

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Meet our team of creative professionals

Our team boasts a group of talented animators who proved their skills by producing unique fulldome productions that won a number of international awards

Maciej Ligowski
Maciej LigowskiCEO
Maciej Rasała
Maciej RasałaArt Director
Zuzanna Ligowska
Zuzanna LigowskaScript Writer
Maciej Mucha
Maciej MuchaSales & Marketing Manager
Adam Łuszczyński
Adam Łuszczyński3D artist
Maciej Ligowski
Maciej LigowskiCEO
Maciej Rasała
Maciej RasałaArt Director
Zuzanna Ligowska
Zuzanna LigowskaScript Writer
Maciej Mucha
Maciej MuchaSales & Marketing Manager
Adam Łuszczyński
Adam Łuszczyński3D artist


Even before any scene of this show was ready for the dome, I committed to buying this show and asked for a 3D version of EXPLORE, because Maciej & Maciej are second to none in their talent and spirit to deliver the best immersive scenes.  And the 3D version, developed in cooperation with us, reveals that to an even greater degree! You immediately recognize their unique and almost “trademark style” of elegant and beautiful soft lighting in the scenes and their sense for perfection in balancing audio and visual immersion. The superb soundtrack completes the artistry and mastership in “Explore” – a show I recommend to you in 2D…and even better: in 3D!

Thomas Kraupe, Director of Hamburg Planetarium

It’s a gorgeous show with a distinctive look and feel, great pacing, and thoughtful use of music. Very nice work.

Ryan Wyatt, Senior Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization, California Academy of Sciences

Explore is among the best planetarium shows I’ve seen. It’s full of thought-provoking content and superb visuals—it even explains Hohmann Transfers in an approachable, intuitive way! See it. Show it. Your audiences will love it.

Ron Proctor

Explore is up there with the best of the shows produced by ALLSKY.de, AMNH, BOSTON, CAS (SF), DENVER, M3D, NSC, SKY SKAN, SPITZ, and E&S (whom I consider to be the best Fulldome producers around). I can also say emphatically that some of your scenes (I am attaching a list) are exceptional both in quality of the scenery as well as the feeling they impart. That is not to say that the rest of the scenes are not just as good but the ones I listed are Hollywood quality anyway you look at them.

Dionisios Simopoulos, Director Emeritus, Eugenides Planetarium, Athens
I have been in and around planetariums for over 25 years, volunteering at Arlington’s David M. Brown Planetarium from age 6 to 18 and traveling to the Hayden Planetarium in New York, the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and the Einstein Planetarium in Washington, D.C. In all of my years, I don’t think I’ve seen a more exquisite planetarium program in terms of production and content. I just finished watching the full-length preview — stunning.
Raphael Perrino, Friends of Arlington Planetarium