The Stellars – Mission Green

Produced by Creative Planet in 2024
8K60FPS3D-StereoPlantsSpace explorationAliensPlanets

The Stellars is the third film from our world-renowned Creative Planet team. This time, the production has been meticulously designed for our youngest viewers, ages 3 to 8. The theme, ‘what do plants need to live?’, was selected based on international educational research. Consultations with scientists and a child psychologist helped us tailor the characters, plot, and emotional content to the developmental level of children at this stage.

We proudly present: The Stellars – Mission Green.

MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K 60FPS 3D | AUDIO: 5.1, 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland  | TARGET GROUP: 3 – 8 years old | LENGTH: 26 min | LANGUAGE VERSIONS: English, Polish, German, French, Korean

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Magic Globe

Produced by Creative Planet in 2020
8K3D StereoSeasonsSunEarthMeteorologyClimate

Using motion capture to bring characters to life, this beautifully produced fulldome feature film has a child-centred story that will enchant family audiences.

Magic Globe’s engaging story has a clear educational structure, designed to interest and challenge children from 5 to 12 years. Children can recap their prior knowledge and/or learn new concepts while the story carries everyone forward together, making it perfect for mixed-ability audiences.

MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K | AUDIO: 5.1 or 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland | TARGET GROUP: kids, families | LANGUAGE VERSIONSEnglish, Polish, more languages coming soon

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Produced by Creative Planet in 2017
8K3D StereoAstronauticsSpace explorationHistory of astronomyPlanetsSolar system

Explore is the latest production by Maciej Ligowski – the Executive Producer of Dream To Fly – continuing the trend of bringing visual excellence under the dome to enhance the immersive experience of the public.

The story centers around the motive of human travel to Mars, but the show presents and explains a much broader selection of science-related topics, such as the history of astronomy, geocentric and heliocentric models, Kepler laws of planetary motion, and orbital maneuvers.

MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: fulldome 8K 2D, fulldome 8K 3D | AUDIO: 5.1, 2.0 | ORIGIN: Poland  | TARGET GROUP: older kids, families, adults | LENGTH: 27 min 13 sec 9 frames | LANGUAGE VERSIONS: English, Polish, German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japan

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Explore by Creative Planet - poster

What makes our content remarkable?

Custom-created work for our customers

We are open to receive orders regarding the production of spherical films and animations. As an award-winning producer of immersive film materials, we took part in external projects to produce both individual scenes and entire movies.

Polish Pavilion during EXPO2020 in Dubai

Co-Produced by Creative Planet in 2021 for a customer

We are happy to be the co-producers of the Polish Pavilion with its unique interactive wall, the content of which we co-created. We developed the concepts, story, and assets and led the direction and art direction of the project. So if you happen to be in Dubai, it’s a must-see!

The interactive wall was produced in accordance with the concept created by Science Now, Stellar Fireworks, and Tellart in collaboration with

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Souk Okaz Promotional VR & Fulldome Video

Produced by Creative Planet in 2016 for a customer – Souk Okaz

Souk Okaz is a unique tourism destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considered to be one of the most important tourism tributaries in the Kingdom. It was an authentic historical destination of the same name and location in the ancient past.

Souk Okaz is now graced with a custom-made fulldome projection. The show highlights the transition of Saudi Arabia form historical to modern and hi-tech.

Watch in VR

Ancient Skies – Stonehenge Animation

Produced by Creative Planet in 2013 for a customer – Sky-Skan Europe GmbH

Hidden within some of mankind’s oldest monuments may lie the foundations of modern science. Timelapse, live-action, and CGI are combined in a unique exploration of the emerging discipline of archaeo-astronomy. A 4k fulldome planetarium documentary explores the connection between the Neolithic civilization and the night sky.

Stonehenge is a fulldome animation sequence produced in order to enrich the “Ancient Skies” planetarium show.

Production & Animation – Maciej Ligowski
Modeling & Render – Maciej Rasała

Johannes Kepler – Short Film

Produced by Creative Planet in 2015 for a customer – Venus Planetarium, Zielona Góra, Poland

“Johannes Kepler” is a short film on the life of one of the greatest astronomers in the history of mankind. It is a story of a man who dedicated his life to science and sought to find God’s design in the laws he discovered. A film in which we pursue a path of immersive use of the dome.

Production & Direction – Maciej Ligowski
Art Direction & Animation – Maciej Rasała
Story – Zuzanna Ligowska
Modeling & Animaton – Leszek Mielczarski
Modeling– Mirosław Restel
Sound Design – Aleksandra Mirska

Heavens of Copernicus Production Studio

Award-winning fulldome movies with the involvement of our specialists and artists

Dream to Fly by Heavens of Copernicus - Poster

Dream to Fly

Produced by Heavens of Copernicus Production Studio in 2013

“Dream to Fly” is the first fulldome production in this part of Europe and also Maciej Ligowski’s first production. The show was produced in the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium in Warsaw. The production of that show was definitely a lifetime experience. Even though our designers were experienced in film and 3D animation-making, the fulldome 3D stereo technology turned out to be an exciting challenge. And so we learnt a lot from scratch. What is the final result of our work? Visit The Heavens of Copernicus and see!

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Maciej Ligowski | DIRECTED BY: Paulina Majda | ANIMATION DIRECTED BY: Maciek Sznabel | ANIMATION: Bartłomiej Borawski, Maciek Sznabel, Maciej Rasała | ART DIRECTOR: Paulina Majda | STORY: Maciej Ligowski, Paulina Majda, Maciej Sznabel

Hello Earth

Produced by Heavens of Copernicus Production Studio in 2017

What are the origins of speech? Is it possible to find everything we need nowadays on the Internet? Will we ever be able to communicate with extraterrestrials or other civilizations?
Hello Earth is the second fulldome animation of the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium in Warsaw. The 30-minute movie leads the audience through centuries of human communication and tells the story of how it changed the world and our personal lives.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Maciej Mucha | DIRECTED BY: Paulina Majda | ANIMATION DIRECTED BY: Maciej Rasała | ANIMATION: Maciek Sznabel, Maciej Rasała, Leszek Mielczarski, Mirosław Restel, Magdalena Sobczak | ART DIRECTORS: Paulina Majda, Maciej Rasała | STORY: Maciej Mucha, Paulina Majda, Maciej Sznabel