Hewelianum Center

The Hewelianum Centre is an educational and recreational center for all age groups situated on the grounds of the Fort Góra Gradowa. The view from the top of the hill is the panorama of the historic town and the industrial landscape of the shipyard grounds. A picturesque park and a complex of the restored 19th-century military remain to host interactive exhibitions – this is today’s image of the Fort of Góra Gradowa. Science popularization is the main objective of the Hewelianum Centre. Interactive and multimedia exhibitions and popular science events disclose the mysteries of physics and astronomy, transfer the visitors to the past, making the historic events better understandable in the present, teach how to be sensitive to the beauty of nature, and strengthen in visitors the belief that we are all responsible for our planet. In Hewelianum Centre you can perceive the world, learn about it, and relax in an interactive, creative, and innovative way!

Creative Planet was providing consultancy and support services to Hewelianum Centre to assure that the newly designed Planetarium building will fit modern Planetarium standards and will be ready to accommodate a state of the art Planetarium.

Copernicus Science Centre

The Heavens of Copernicus facility, one of the most state-of-the-art and comprehensive planetariums in the world, was opened in June 2011. It is equipped with a Sky-Skan’s Definiti 3D stereo system, the world’s latest star projector- Megastar IIA, a laser system, and its own production studio. But it is not just high-quality equipment that makes the Heavens of Copernicus so special: the planetarium is in fact engaged in a broader program of activity, ranging from events organized under the dome itself to meetings out in the city space, all of them enjoying great popularity. In the one year since the Planetarium first opened its doors, we have also prepared many interactive shows under the dome using the real-time system. Moreover, work is very advanced on a fulldome show of our own production. Collaboration with highly experienced planetarium-affiliated individuals has helped us to master the art of producing our own interesting, graphically, and technologically intriguing shows. This knowledge has allowed us to excel at creating planetarium content, in both 2D and 3D. Maciej Ligowski- the CEO & founder of Creative Planet has been involved in the project since the very beginning. Being the Deputy head of Planetarium, responsible for the technical side of the Planetarium as well as Show Production he had a major contribution to creating and equipping a Planetarium in its present state. His experience includes:

-Planetarium equipment: conceptual planning, tender preparation including system technical description, site preparation, equipping, setup, maintenance, and upgrades;
-Fulldome show production including planning, management, team building, pipeline preparation, scriptwriting, 3D animation;

EC1 East

Lodz’s oldest heat and power plant EC1 was opened in 1907 and provided the citizens with heat and electricity until 2000. Closed buildings going into ruin, located in the very center of the city, became an inspiration for the New Centre of Lodz project to revitalize, economically and socially, the central part of the city, by creating a new, functional center with numerous public spaces, interesting architecture and a rich offer of cultural events and various services. The complex is composed, among others, of EC1 East buildings having the surface area of 20,374 m2, which will have cultural and artistic functions, and EC1 West buildings having the surface area of 18,355 m2, which will house an interactive Science and Technology Centre.

Creative Planet was providing consultancy and support services to EC-1 management to assure that both the Planetarium and spherical projection 3D Cinema will represent the state of the art level in terms of the projection system and design.