“Best Large Pavilion” – EXPO 2020

Polish Pavilion has been honored with the “Best Large Pavilion” award in “The Olympics of Experimental Design” run by the Exhibitor Magazine at World Expo 2020 Dubai.

The competition is recognized as one of the most prestigious among those ranking pavilion structures with unique designs and innovative features.

The national pavilion of Poland presented an interactive exhibition that showcased aspects of Polish culture, nature, and tourism. It represented an array of industries with the potential to export to the Middle East markets.

  • 1,500,000 visitors

  • 1,000 Events

  • 750 Business meetings

  • 180 Workshops

Polish Pavilion during EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Co-Produced by Creative Planet in 2021

We are happy to be the co-producers of the Polish Pavilion with its unique interactive wall, the content of which we co-created. We developed the concepts, story, and assets and led the direction and art direction of the project.

The interactive wall was produced in accordance with the concept created by Science Now, Stellar Fireworks, and Tellart in collaboration with Variable.io.

Five interactive scenarios

Creative Planet coproduced five different interactive environments for the Chapter Five of the Polish pavilion – V Poland. Landscapes of creativity.

Interactive experience

The fifth and the last chapter of the exhibition, titled “Poland. Landscapes of creativity,” invited visitors to explore an immersive environment presenting some of the most iconic examples of Polish creative thought. Multiple companies, organizations, and individuals from different fields helped to build this unique interactive experience.